Saturday, 19 March 2011

St Joseph's Day

We have a soft spot for St Joseph in this house and one of the lads is named after him. I had hoped to go to Mass this morning. Me and the lads were all ready and in the car, but I couldn't go through with it as the two older boys looked so sick with the little alien eyes they've developed in the last day or two.
Not going made me think what I could do in honour of the faithful servant that God chose to watch over His son on earth. If I get a chance, I will make a little cake to celebrate his feast and then I will properly fast for the rest of Lent. I haven't really given up anything this year, partly due to the breastfeeding and partly cos I meant to consciously Be a Nicer Person instead, but I didn't do that either. Just now, Fr Groeschel on EWTN has inspired me to once again make a little sacrifice for what remains of Lent. So here goes...

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