Thursday, 30 April 2009

I came across a new website today, which looks interesting. Found this article, which I hope to get round to reading soon. I've been dipping my toe into the exciting world of haggling in the last few months, fairly tentatively, but surprisingly successfully.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Today our thoughts and prayers are going to a hospital in Waterford.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

have started crocheting again. Is surprisingly possible while breastfeeding. Or maybe that's why I don't feel I'm getting the hang of it. Must keep checking this little crochet vid from the Knit Witch in order to get going.
Also, why don't any of the wool shops I know stock more interesting needles like her one?

Guess who?

Someone's found a cosy little retreat where he can read in peace.
I think the snug fit is part of the attraction!
Today we looked at a derelict little place that we would love to restore if we had the money and could make it energy-efficient. It's name has a cool connection to Babycake 2. Tossed in the hedge nearby was a teddy bear.
Weirdly, almost a year-to-this-day ago, we were doing the same thing somewhere else and we noticed another bear...

Saturday, 25 April 2009

In praise of Swaddlebees

Snuggly soft, really absorbent, cute and cuddly, fairly fast to dry. They're my favourite nappies!
I bought them from Claire in Ecobrats after a very happy trial with them. Mmmm... need more...

Thursday, 23 April 2009

another inflated animal..

Here is Roo's incredible balloon elephant who accompanied us back from Dungarvan's Food Festival. He was made, by special request, on Grattan Square by a very entertaining guy whose vocation was definitely Balloon manipulation. Not sure if that's a valid job description, but you know what I mean. He was really gifted. Other items he made included wacky flowers (one with a heart-shaped centre), weird aliens with machine guns, cats, rabbits... and that was just while we were waiting our turn in the queue.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Waterford Food Festival

We spent Saturday and Sunday in Ballymacarbry, Old Parish and Dungarvan. (Gosh, it is a lovely house, by the way. We have started to furnish it, so we can go there at weekends, but it's such a pity no-one lives there all the time. Maybe someone will buy it soon...)
The weather was fabulous: yes the Sunny South-East blah blah... Sunday in particular was wonderful. We spent the morning after mass browsing the market on the square, buying honey, veggies, perfect coffees and fluffy milk!!
This flying pig was spotted near the new shopping centre.
Later on we went for a walk down to the strand. Roo was exhausted, but happy.

Broad beans: our 1st attempt

Today we planted broad beans and carrots. And definitely saw swallows. I thought I'd heard them for the first time on Thursday last, but today was my first definite sighting. It was a changeable, but overall very pleasant day, weatherwise.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Teatime with my Sweetie pies

Teatime with my Sweetie pies

Yesterday, while in Loughrea to visit St Therese's relics, we came across a fantastic cafe, or more accurately, tea room, called Sweetie Pies. We had eaten our sandwiches earlier, so we just ordered tea and Mum being her usual generous self bought a scone and slice of chocolate cake for us too. Well... we had such a lovely time! Roo had some special fluffy milk (that they call Sweetie cup or something) with marshmallows..! And Mum and me drank tea from little bone china cups! And to top it all off the chocolate cake was really tasty- moist and rich, with proper chocolate and gorgeous thick frosting (that Roo ate with relish- mmm, tayshy!). It was just such an adorable place. There were lots of tempting little cakes on display on a table near the counter which Roo made a lunge for at one point. So much thought had gone into the place. It's sad to think that such a lovely spot might not survive the recession. I can't help thinking the Little Flower led us there.

Cad e?

Seo hiad mo chead silini. Sweet peas! Another variety. Hope we have better luck with these ones. This year I am using the very hi-tech, primary school teacher favourite toilet roll inserts to help their roots grow long and strong.
They were planted on Saturday last, along with some mixed lettuce and rocket seeds.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

visiting a friend

Today, Mum, Roo, Lou and me went on an adventure to visit St Therese's relics. We drove up to Loughrea and started searching for a convent-y looking place. Just like the weather, there was a steady trickle of people to and from the tiny Carmelite church. As you went in, two very kind ladies handed a rose and a little prayer card to each visitor. And then, inside, lay the casket containing the Little Flower's remains. Lou, who I was carrying in the baby sling, got really excited when we went in- gurgling and jumping. I was pretty excited myself, being so close to one who I've come to consider a friend in the last year. It was very different to the last time the relics were in this country. It seemed much more relaxed and friendly. They had surrounded the casket with chairs so everyone could sit for a while rather than be rushed through as if on a conveyor belt. I found this really helpful, as it gave me a chance to collect my thoughts- so i could express my gratitude and joy for the blessings that are my little boys, and ask that we can get through the uncertainty that faces us- that we can look after those that we are responsible for, workwise, amongst other things. A gentle-looking woman, who we assumed was a nun, asked me about Louis- how old he was and what his name was. I told her he was born on Therese's birthday and was named after her Dad. 'How wonderful!' she said. And he is.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

cheery flower faces

Today is a happy sunny day, all the more welcome after yesterday's cruel, wintry conditions and grim economic news. The PHN brought more positive reports though as Poonch is in the 91st percentile for weight. She thought his skin was 'byoochifull' too- just another benefit of being a booby baby apparently...
Our window boxes are full of cheeky cheery crocuses and mini-tulips at the moment. Here they are....