Wednesday, 15 April 2009

visiting a friend

Today, Mum, Roo, Lou and me went on an adventure to visit St Therese's relics. We drove up to Loughrea and started searching for a convent-y looking place. Just like the weather, there was a steady trickle of people to and from the tiny Carmelite church. As you went in, two very kind ladies handed a rose and a little prayer card to each visitor. And then, inside, lay the casket containing the Little Flower's remains. Lou, who I was carrying in the baby sling, got really excited when we went in- gurgling and jumping. I was pretty excited myself, being so close to one who I've come to consider a friend in the last year. It was very different to the last time the relics were in this country. It seemed much more relaxed and friendly. They had surrounded the casket with chairs so everyone could sit for a while rather than be rushed through as if on a conveyor belt. I found this really helpful, as it gave me a chance to collect my thoughts- so i could express my gratitude and joy for the blessings that are my little boys, and ask that we can get through the uncertainty that faces us- that we can look after those that we are responsible for, workwise, amongst other things. A gentle-looking woman, who we assumed was a nun, asked me about Louis- how old he was and what his name was. I told her he was born on Therese's birthday and was named after her Dad. 'How wonderful!' she said. And he is.

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