Friday, 17 February 2012

More hareing about in Dublin

Here I am in the Natural History museum!


We made it here at last, after being chucked out by the parkie yesterday at closing time, 30 seconds after we arrived. It's the playground in St Stephen's Green, and we had it to ourselves this morning!

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Today we were on the tourist trail in Dublin. Onto a red sightseeing bus and off round town we went. Here are some grainy phone photos from the Royal Hospital/Museum of Modern Art in Kilmainham, which has some beautiful, tranquil gardens. We had them to ourselves for a reason we discovered a little later...
It is marvellous to get away. I think Lee is frustrated we're not doing more, seeing more, but the lads are enjoying their simple little kinder-things: cuddly toys hiding in their suitcases, bouncing around in the 'otel, playgrounds. You can keep your Caravaggio's (we saw the (breath-) Taking of Christ in the National Gallery as well as Zurbarán's childlike Virgin Mary) and your gracious Georgian architecture, give us €3 yoyos and pressing lift buttons anyday.

Big Hare!

Mission accomplished. Toot asleep in buggy. Inside we go. Crotchety toddlers and museums don't mix, do they? But aaah, we needn't have worried. The museum was closed due to renovations.

We still enjoyed the outdoor exhibits though, such as the 'boulders' above and 'Back of Snowman', as well as seeing a dog being trained to jump over its owners arm (!) amidst an installation of snowdrops arranged in a long strip down the hill.