Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Christmas Rush in our barmy little household

We were busy today.  In the morning, the two older boys took part in an Elves' workshop at the Hunt Museum.  They enjoyed making cards, pom-pom hats, badges and stamps although Lee and I were a bit disappointed at the lack of pointy ears and pixie hats on the organisers.  It was more than a little mental trying to get there on time now that there are four little pixies in our house!

Then in the evening, the elves turned into shepherds as we got a last-minute call-up to take part in the Live Crib! It was dark and getting cold as our turn came.  A crescent moon shone in the sky and the choir from our local church sang carols as we came out of the camper van in our borrowed costumes. Lee looked the part dressed as Joseph with a stripey headdress and staff.  The less said about Mary the better, but I don't think there's been a less dignified portrayal of Our Lady!  As for the baby Jesus!  Well..... our little four-week old was the picture of tranquility as she lay in the manger.  She was so quiet and serene as the choir sang Silent Night and she actually smiled at the end!  It was really magical!   The boys were delighted to meet the babba oo (calf), mummy ba (ewe) with her twin lambs and the little donkey that shared the stable with us for those special few minutes and Roo took his role as chief shepherd quite seriously.  I was so proud of my little brood that I cared nothing about the fact that my veil was falling off and making me look a complete Charlie in front of everyone.  My family are the best gift that I have ever received.  Thank you Lord for them!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

St Nicholas' Day drawing to a close and the lads are snuggled asleep in their new (monkey, Mike the Knight, Spiderman) pyjamas with tummies full of chocolate. They were delighted to discover that he had paid them a visit last night.

The last 24 hours have seen one house deal fall through and another possibly open up. I'm not sure what to make of the timing. Maybe I'm reading too much into the fact that it has all happened on the 12th anniversary of myself and Lee's starting out together.

Not that I made the connection then about San Nioclás and his uncanny gift of knowing just what your heart desires.