Friday, 23 December 2011

In the midst of a grotty, mess-filled house, with visitors on the way and frustration giving way to panic, I came across these guys. Can you see? Roo has put a little blanket on the donkey's back, unbeknownst to me.
I'm trying very hard to keep focussed on the really important thing. This little action has helped for this particular moment.

Monday, 19 December 2011

don't you just love it?

as mentioned in my previous post.... the amazing, the incredible, the fantastic inflatable Nativity scene! Lee thinks it is really tasteless, but it made me and the lads laugh, especially Toot, who was in fits of giggles as Poonch repeatedly knocked the sheep over. Roo is just out of shot, patting one of the Three Kings, possibly because that was the part he played in the school Nativity play this year.

A little glimpse...

into the stable.  Every year the village of Adare recreates a live Crib with real people and real animals. 
Last year we planned to take part, but the weather meant that it was cancelled.  This year it went ahead and we enjoyed pretending we were in Bethlehem. On the way there we saw an amazing inflatable Nativity!

Really struggling to keep this in mind...

Pondering the most important things !
...and finding it hard to believe that this time last year, the tree was decorated, the house was tidy with food for our guests and I had a 4 month old baby to tend to.
Happy Baptism anniversary, little Toot!

Feeling just a bit overwhelmed this year with everything that still needs to be done.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A Helping Hand on Tuesday

As my little crochet hook twirled and looped this morning in my fabulous class at Lena's, I was a bit ashamed of the state of my hands.
Freezing rain and biting winds have conspired with frequent handwashing in the most limescale-ridden water known to man to make them look and feel like those of a Victorian washerwoman. Or perhaps those of St Martha looked similar too?
In any case, I have promised my lámha a dollop of handcream whenever they get wet from now on.
Thank you Lee for minding the bookles. x

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

St Nicholas Tuesday

Another busy Tuesday worthy of the Biblical Martha today. As you can see our little candle has the delightful company of some Playmobil people this evening.
We have been celebrating the feast of the real Santa Claus since early this morning when we discovered mince pie crumbs, new slippers and chocolate in the living room. Of course the lads are only too pleased to honour such a generous saint but I was a bit worried as to how Roo's classmates would respond to his visiting our house so 'early'. Sometimes homeschooling really appeals to me... But I don't think he had too much explaining to do.
By the way, the Irish for Santa/ St Nicholas is San Nioclás which sounds like san nee claws, so it's easy to see how the 3rd century Bishop of Myra's name evolved over time although how he ended up in the North Pole and acquired a Mrs Claus is a bit harder to explain!