Tuesday, 6 December 2011

St Nicholas Tuesday

Another busy Tuesday worthy of the Biblical Martha today. As you can see our little candle has the delightful company of some Playmobil people this evening.
We have been celebrating the feast of the real Santa Claus since early this morning when we discovered mince pie crumbs, new slippers and chocolate in the living room. Of course the lads are only too pleased to honour such a generous saint but I was a bit worried as to how Roo's classmates would respond to his visiting our house so 'early'. Sometimes homeschooling really appeals to me... But I don't think he had too much explaining to do.
By the way, the Irish for Santa/ St Nicholas is San Nioclás which sounds like san nee claws, so it's easy to see how the 3rd century Bishop of Myra's name evolved over time although how he ended up in the North Pole and acquired a Mrs Claus is a bit harder to explain!

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