Friday, 23 December 2011

In the midst of a grotty, mess-filled house, with visitors on the way and frustration giving way to panic, I came across these guys. Can you see? Roo has put a little blanket on the donkey's back, unbeknownst to me.
I'm trying very hard to keep focussed on the really important thing. This little action has helped for this particular moment.


Jamie said...

How cool! I bet kids love those little ... for lack of a better word... action figures. :o)

I'm a new follower and fellow Catholic Mother Online. Please feel free to stop by my blog! :o)

For Love of Cupcakes

kee said...

Playmobil is fantastic. Not sure who loves it more: me or them...

...probably me.

Sandra said...

Hi Kee. It really is a moment like this, noticing a blanket your little one has draped over the donkey's back, that leads us to focus. I think our Lord is really pleased when we notice the details in life that remind us of His unwavering attention to us and His constant love for us. Thanks for sharing this, and for checking in with me. All is well:) Blessings to you and yours this new year! Love, Sandra

kee said...

What a beautiful comment and insight, Sandra. Thank you for dropping by. Glad all is well with you.