Thursday, 16 April 2009

Teatime with my Sweetie pies

Yesterday, while in Loughrea to visit St Therese's relics, we came across a fantastic cafe, or more accurately, tea room, called Sweetie Pies. We had eaten our sandwiches earlier, so we just ordered tea and Mum being her usual generous self bought a scone and slice of chocolate cake for us too. Well... we had such a lovely time! Roo had some special fluffy milk (that they call Sweetie cup or something) with marshmallows..! And Mum and me drank tea from little bone china cups! And to top it all off the chocolate cake was really tasty- moist and rich, with proper chocolate and gorgeous thick frosting (that Roo ate with relish- mmm, tayshy!). It was just such an adorable place. There were lots of tempting little cakes on display on a table near the counter which Roo made a lunge for at one point. So much thought had gone into the place. It's sad to think that such a lovely spot might not survive the recession. I can't help thinking the Little Flower led us there.

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