Monday, 21 March 2011

how to get children to eat their crusts...

Bread-making is definitely not one of my strengths, contrary to what Roo said to the little Toot this morning, ('Did you know Mummy is very good at making bread?'). The thing is any previous attempts always ended up like particularly inedible doormats, until I saw the marvellous Nigel Slater make his Lazy Loaf on telly. It's like Soda Bread, only easier to make. In about 30 minutes you can feel pleasingly self-sufficient by producing your very own bread or helping your children make it. Not only is it not inedible, but my little children really actually like it and hence Roo's confident statement. They even eat the crusts, something they avoid at all costs on any other bread. Follow the link if you too wish to see your children perform this amazing feat.

Unfortunately, and not wishing to put you off your loaf, but their eyes, on the other hand, are very crusty. All three of them have now had conjunctivitis over the last few days, which makes the poor lads look, on waking, like little zombies or Egyptian mummies. Roo is much improved, but not enough to return to playschool yet.

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