Friday, 16 November 2012


Hello!  Well, I am still here with a big bump, nine days after my due date.  I've just been checking the posts I wrote about Poonch and Toot's birth stories to compare then and now.  This little bab is most happily ensconced, the longest any of my babies have stayed inside me, with no major signs that she wants to come out anytime soon.  Mind you, the doctor who gave me a sweep three days ago and booked me for induction on Monday will probably have the last say on that!

As usual, I'm hoping to go into labour naturally before then. At least I have lots of help with Mum and Vee here and Lee is off this weekend too, so that should help me relax.


Jennifer said...

I'm just reading this on Wednesday, I hope all went well xxx

Idle Rambler (Cindy) said...

Sorry, haven't visited for a while.

I hope all's well. What news?