Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What is it about Tuesdays?

It is so appropriate that it is St Martha's day of the week, cos they are always packed in this household.

Today's busy scramble included an early morning appointment for Roo, Lee taking over the playschool drop-off for a very out-of-sorts Poonch and then meeting me to collect Roo so I could go to the second appointment, playschool and school pick-ups, then a dash into the city to take Roo to his language class followed by a dash back home with him, quick change for me and back to the other side of the city for my lovely pregnancy exercise class and meet-up with my lovely friend whose due date is 3 days before mine.

Coincidentally, today's Gospel featured the story of Jesus, Martha and Mary.

With all the rushing, I had forgotten to say the prayer and light the candle to ask Martha's intercession in our hectic world.  So a quick read of my Magnificat served to remind me this evening and as the day draws to a close, there is a little flame burning on my window-sill shrine.


Jennifer said...

I can hardly wait to get to Heaven and meet Martha!! I love the way she is so up front with Jesus! That's a busy day when you're so far along with the pregnancy, not too long now...

kee said...

Hi Jennifer
Thanks for visiting, hope you're well. Yes, I love Martha too. I was reading today how Teresa of Avila, whose feast day is today, was the perfect blend of Martha and Mary. Not sure how she managed it but sounds good!
Much love