Sunday, 25 November 2012

A little girl

Hello again! Well, I am writing this hastily on my phone as a nearly-week old baby girl snoozes in the crook of my elbow. I had gone to bed on Sunday night last expecting to be induced the following morning, 12 days after my due date. A few hours later, someone finally decided she would come out on her terms and a stormy dash into the maternity hospital in the early hours of Monday morning resulted in us meeting our fourth baby, an 'indorable' (the lads' word!) little cailín with lots of dark hair, heavier than her big buddas. I will bore you with more details later, such as the magical first meeting with her brothers and the full account of the labour, but it is bedtime now so I will say good night and thank you for your prayers and good wishes.  We have been truly blessed. Thank you, Lord. xxxxx


Jennifer said...

Congratulations!!! I have been thinking of you xxxx

Idle Rambler (Cindy) said...

Congratulations! So pleased to hear of your daughter's arrival. What fun you'll all have together.

mary333 said...

Congratulations, Kee!