Sunday, 14 August 2011

Guess who's trying to have two big announcements for his birthday?

Our littlest boy is very nearly one year old and is doing his utmost to be able to walk by then. I suppose when you have two noisy older brothers you have to try even harder to get people to notice you!

Any chance he gets lately he's been using anything solid to pull himself up into a standing position. But in the last few days he started to make tentative little sidesteps and today he was pushing a chair ahead of him as if it was a baby-walker! I think I have noticed a slight change in him on account of his increased mobility and viewpoint. He seems happier: I suppose life just got a lot more interesting!

I remember when I found out I was carrying a third boy being really curious about how he would turn out as his older brothers are so very different from each other. Would he be like one of them? Or different again? I suppose the answer is yes to both questions. Personality-wise, he is not quite as sunny as Poonch, but he seems less cautious than Roo is.

And of course, his interests are different, he seems more interested in physical feats: he squeals with delight as he sits on the ground and throws the ball, he likes to climb up the little red slide and from an early age he would strive to grasp objects within his (surprisingly long) reach so that he could examine them. On the other hand, talking isn't a priority for him: he doesn't really have any actual words yet, although he enjoys singing (a series of single short notes), loves pointing an imperious index finger at people and things and used to 'tell' me what he thought of his dinner each evening. He will give you a high five if you ask him and has a very cute floppy wave which the ladies love!

Everyone says he is the image of his Dad. He has recently got very adorable, whereas before he looked like a real Scroonk with dishevelled hair and bad skin that only we could love. But we sure do love our littlest boy. His older brothers are so affectionate towards him and protective too, especially his oldest brother, the little gent that he is. In turn, he gets endless entertainment from them and laughs at their antics that make me cross!

We are delighted you came along to join our mad little family. Happy Birthday little Toot!


Idle Rambler said...

What a lovely post. I would say all three boys are very lucky indeed to be part of such a loving family.

Wishing the Birthday Boy a super day whether walking or not.

kee said...

Thank you, as ever, for your sweet comment, Idle Rambler. You are the first person to wish him Happy Birthday! I'm sure he'd thank you too if he could ;)