Monday, 15 August 2011

1st Birthday Freebie!

I have been reading this little gem of a book in spare moments while waiting for the little Toot to drop off to sleep. It was one I picked up during our recent trip to Knock. After Mass in town this morning, I bought another one because I would love to share it with someone else!

So in honour of St Joseph and in thanksgiving for the impending first birthday of our youngest boy, who is named after him, I am going to give it away! If you would like to receive it, just leave a comment on this post before Sunday 21st August. Then if I get more than one reply, I will draw a name from a hat and publish who won in a new post as well as in a follow-up comment on this post. So when you comment, be sure to check the box that emails follow-up comments to your email address or check back to see if you are the lucky recipient! I will post it out to whoever wins. Good luck!


Sandra said...

Dear Kee,

I have just come to your blog from Autumn Leaves, which I have also just viewed for the first time today, and I am wondering if this book about St. Joseph happens to be one I've been wondering about ever since I heard an encore presentation of Mother Angelica speaking of a book about St. Joseph that told stories of his touching the lives of contemporary people... particularly the story of a man who was being assaulted on a train by a thief and the fist of St. Joseph knocking out the aggressor??? In any case, it is a beautiful and generous offer you made to share the book with someone else, and a bit shocking to me that no one responded with interest before the 21st. Blessings to your child and your family....

kee said...

Thank you for your lovely comment Sandra. I'm not sure this little book is as exciting as the one you mentioned but I certainly enjoyed it anyway! I think I might seek out the one Mother Angelica recommends though. Sounds great!
By the way... you're the WINNER!!! Congratulations!!! This little book will be winging its way to you very soon.