Thursday, 4 August 2011

Every cloud...

Well, due to a misunderstanding, I had a bit of a disappointment this evening. It was supposed to involve this restaurant, my hubby, some friends and a meal I didn't have to cook. But at the last minute, with nobody to mind our bubs, it wasn't to be for me. Here I am in front of the TV on my own.
Never mind though, I'm actually fine about it! Those rosary beads I mentioned in a previous post arrived this morning, much to the delight of Roo and Poonch. They were so excited this evening when we got to use them for the first time! Thanks to my cancelled engagement, I could take my time and say our prayers without having to rush away. What a treat.

It was so cute to see them touching the lego brick beads, with Roo diligently counting them off as we prayed and read through their lovely rosary book. I gave him the choice of which Luminous mystery to pray and he was intrigued about Jesus turning the water into wine, so he decided on the Wedding at Cana. Poonch just loved the colour and Lego-ness of his beads and wanted to wear them around his neck all day, despite my opposition. I have been surprised and utterly enchanted by their sweet, endearing reaction to the rosary each evening. Thank you Lord for such precious and priceless moments.

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