Saturday, 2 October 2010

Things that €34billion can't buy

Some things are just fab and they cost nothing at all...
The sound of toddler footsteps thundering towards you.
Tentative smiles and little coos from our soon-to-be 6week old baby (just started in the last couple of days- much more responsive and with-it)!
A washing line of clothes being ballooned by the breeze (sorry, bit obsessed with that one).
Sleep (hmmm, what's that like again?).
Picking blackberries on 'Benny's farm' with the lads and then making two (and a half!) pots of jam with the ones that didn't get gobbled straight away.
The sound of children or animals (especially cats) eating. (Bit of a weird one that- a legacy of my first career, I think)
I'm sure there are lots more. How about you?


Mary333 said...

Yes, these are precious things :) I can see why sleep is on your list, I still remember how little I got after my daughter was born!

Miss Ellen E. said...

Lovely post. A bit like 'these are a few of my favourite things'

My current one must be, 'hug from our 26 year old younger son returning home to the nest (albeit temporarily) after 8 years student life.' Priceless! :-)