Saturday, 23 October 2010

Inside Daddy's tank

Sitting here with the little Toot on my lap and the two older lads in the back snoozing. Just saw their little hands resting next to each other. :)
We are on our maiden voyage in Lee's new 'car' for work, although tank is nearer the mark. Up til now, we couldn't all go anywhere in the same car if he was on call, which is quite a lot of the time. So this has assuaged my guilty feelings about how big this vehicle is, cos frankly there was nothing environmentally friendly about driving two cars to Mass or town.
Roo had his Halloween party yesterday at school dressed as a 'knight' although the helmet I made wasn't very historically authentic and his teacher thought he was a 'warrior', but he was happy out. He is all excited about the occasion for the first time and although I love Autumn, Halloween in its modern, non-religious form has never really done much for me. Must somehow tie it in with the Saints book that Roo is interested in at the mo.

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