Saturday, 25 September 2010

Tiny triumphs

Another day, another boring photo and three tiny triumphs. We had nowhere to rush to this morning, so I was able to concentrate on things. This meant that Little Toot actually slept for a while during the day, so I got a little knitting in! First time since he was born I've worked on the blanket I'd planned for him.
Once I'd got some washing on the line and the lads were fed, we all sat at the table reading, drawing and knitting. Yay!
Then just before his nap, Poonch used the potty. Amazing what the promise of a jelly can do. Little things mean a lot, don't they?

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Miss Ellen E. said...

Lovely to hear these little domestic posts. You seem to have your priorities right - plenty of time to change the world when the children are older - stick to the knitting and jellies for now. :-)