Thursday, 23 September 2010

Chicken noodle soup for my soul

Just enjoying some Heinz chicken noodle soup with the little Toot on my lap. Had some heartening words with Roo's nursery teacher today which made me inordinately happy- he is joining in well, helping out and making friends- two in particular that he likes to sit near each day.
Less heartening was our research into a lovely site close to the nursery. Not much luck there with previous planning applicants it would seem. Not sure even St Joseph can influence the planners! Talking of whom, I made it into town to register our lickle baby's birth at last! We decided to call him Joseph, or at least the Irish version of the name, pronounced Yosef. With all the
Marian connections throughout the pregnancy, I thought it appropriate. He was also blessed with one of Padre Pio's mitts while in my tummy, so given that it's his feast day today and his devotion to Our Lady, it all ties in serendipitously (if that's a word!).
He is a sweet little fella, but quite unsettled- possibly suffering from reflux. Absolutely adored by his big brothers who love to hug and kiss him at every opportunity and won't go to sleep until they've had a little spoony cuddle next to him. Poonch's enthusiasm meant he was unintentionally rough at first, but is improving all the time.

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