Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Wag-wag, Tuk-tuk and Dig-dig

Can you see it yet? Here it comes! It's getting closer....

It's a zoo-zoo train! Roo's favourite thing about Fota Wildlife Park. Lee and I spent the day trying to get him to look at 'the monkeys swinging!', 'the baby giraffe!', ''the pelicans' huge beaks!', while he picked daisies with a little girl, slid down slides, chased crows and maras (think Argentinian hare), crossed bridges and played at being a fireman all the while listening out for the little train that runs from one side of the park to the other.
He did notice some animals though, as he agreed that the penpens (penguins) were his favourite animal there. Poonch got a kick out of being close to the little Eastern Grey kangaroos and watching the gibbons' acrobatics.
But probably the best thing about today was that it was Roo's first time on a train, a real train! There is a station right next to the wildlife park, so it was a great idea of Lee's to choose the journey between it and our local train station as the lads' inaugural rail trip. Observant little Roo didn't miss a thing all day and kept going until he finally succumbed to a 'nooze 20 minutes before we arrived back in Charleville, crumby and sticky and very tired.
Just before he fell asleep, we discussed what the new baby might be called. That's where the title of this post came from. They're pretty original names, aren't they? He's certainly his own little man.
'This is the best holiday ever,' he declared to Lee on the way home.

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