Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Lovely stuff

Haven't had a chance to post about some happy things we've done lately. Here's Roo with a 'baby' ladybird on his collar. He was very excited to find him this evening, observant little guy that he is.

At the weekend, we went to the Donkey Sanctuary in Liscarroll on a mission. Roo had been bitten by a mean stallion the week before and I was worried he'd be put off them for life. He loves animals and is confident around them. Even around horses, where I would be naturally very reticent, he shows no fear, so I thought it would be terrible if he lost that self-assurance.
Well, I'm glad to say it seems to have been a success. He was very happy to pat them and decided donkeys were cool and that the one we met last week was a bit of an oddity in the donkey world. This one in the picture seems to be having an '80's legwarmer moment, don't you agree? Very cute. I think he was Dessie, or maybe Lorcan. Donkey bottoms... Was this Shakespeare's inspiration for the character in A Midsummer Night's Dream? Hee hee...
Here's a picture from our week-off. The Cheese Experience in Stoneyford, Co Kilkenny! They were very welcoming and served a lovely cheese plate, free-range sausie roll, local apple juice and i-meam (known to most people as ice cream). Afterwards, the nice lady allowed us to have a stroll around their farm and cheese 'factory'. They have a little farm in the middle of this village, which just strikes me as the perfect mix.
This is a picture of the bridge over the River Barrow in Graiguenamanagh, also in Kilkenny, which Lee and I have to admit (a little grudgingly) is a lovely county in parts. We had a stroll around Thomastown too and would have done more than drive round Inistioge if we'd had the time. But then, now that the Wowee house deal has fallen through, we probably will have a fair bit of time to explore it properly, as it is less than an hour from there.

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