Friday, 9 April 2010


Well, we are approaching Divine Mercy Sunday now, so it's about time I wrote about what we did over Easter. Lee was off so we went down to the Wowee house on Good Friday evening. Roo wondered why Joseph didn't help Jesus when the 'shouldiers' were 'being mean' to him. He's only 3 so we haven't gone into too much detail. He knows that Jesus 'went away and came back again' on Easter Sunday. Friday's was the maiden voyage for us in the new (used) car. It's lovely and comfy and has lots more space in the boot (including 2 extra seats in the back for Roo's friends- that's how we helped him realise it was a good idea to change the car- he's not usually too keen on change is our Roo).
Saturday morning we got up bright and early and I had a lovely chill-out hour getting my hair cut while the lads did ...other stuff. We spent the r
est of the day taking it easy around Clonmel and later tootled around Cappoquin (where we tried the cappoquino coffee - disappointingly too hot and expensive, but ok when it cooled down) as well as Lismore and Melleray where we tried in vain to have Confession.
Easter Sunday was a lovely day, clear and bright. We spent the morning enjoying the weather for a change, and discovering signs of the Easter Bunny around the house and village. (Roo and Poonch got a whole herd of chocolate cows as Mum and Uncle Bee bought one each for them unbeknownst to each other. They were upstairs on the jumper hill next to Jesus' empty tomb.) Ballymacarbry is a lovely village with the Nire river running alongside, but it would be nicer to take a walk through it if there was a decent footpath there. Every so often we'd have to run the gauntlet with the two lads in the buggy on a busy road.

Later on we followed the bunny to Mum's house where we had lamb for dinner, nom nom... thanks Mum. We went to Mass in Holycross Abbey (above) that afternoon. It seemed a bit flat, considering it was Easter Sunday. I miss the Easter Vigil, it's much more atmospheric and exciting, but too late for the babbas. And in our local town there is a dawn Mass at 6am which we would love to go to at some point, probably a better bet for the lads too.

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