Friday, 19 March 2010

Today is the feast of St Joseph. One of the reasons people ask for his intercession, at least in this country, is to help sell or buy houses. Some people bury a statue in the garden of the house in question, but that strikes me as superstitious. I am praying for his intercession though, that someone will buy our lovely house in Ballymacarbry. Its price is very negotiable: I must get on to the auctioneer to reduce it.

Meanwhile, back in this house, the boys continue to get more grown-up. Poonch has been properly walking for about 2 weeks now. As Lee pointed out, his knees don't bend as he ploughs headlong on his way. He's like the penguin in Wallace & Gromit's The Wrong Trousers, but without the sinister connotations. Roo's language has really expanded lately too and we have great conversations together. He has started getting curious about what things are made of or what they might eat. Hence the title of yesterday's post.

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