Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Little hare, early riser

Just opened the curtains to a cold morning with the promise of another sunny day in the sky. Who should I spot only my favourite wild furry, the first one all year. The little hare (actually quite a big one) hopped up this track and stopped for a while until I opened the window to get a closer look. So maybe getting woken so early has some blessings after all.


breadgirl said...

Hi Kee
Lovely! When we visit my sister, the first thing I do when I wake in the morning is to look out the window to see if my little (O K, big) hare is around. He usually is and he entertains me for awhile. I always think of it as God's lovely way of saying 'Good Morning' to me. Naive? Perhaps! But that's the way I am! Thanks Kee, and God bless you.

kee said...

Not naive at all! Not that there's anything wrong with being naive...
There is something magical or other-wordly about hares though, isn't there? No wonder there were so many piseogs/ superstitions about them in Ireland.