Thursday, 25 February 2010

Small blessings

Did I ever mention how I like hanging washing out? As long as I know the lads are ok, it can actually be almost relaxing. Poonch was asleep in the buggy and Roo was 'helping' me so I was free to get some fresh air into the clothes. Really though the main reason I enjoy putting out the washing is that it means the weather is dry for a change. Hooray for dry days, even perishing ones like today!


marylea said...

I love it, too! Haven't had a line to hang the clothes on in awhile (we moved)! Maybe I will put one up this summer! It's snowy now and not quite right for clothes drying. Enjoyed your blog.

Anne said...

That's a blessing to be able to hang the laundry on the line this time of year, I miss it in the winter!

kee said...

Hello Marylea and Anne!
Yes we have been blessed with beautiful sunny weather for a couple of weeks. It's great to get out with the lads. And to see the laundry mountain getting smaller!
Thanks for visiting.