Wednesday, 3 February 2010

12 weeks yesterday

We went to Mass this morning for St Blaise's feast. Roo was a bit dubious about having his throat blessed, but he eventually joined Poonch and me at the altar, when I told him it would help stop him getting sick.
Afterwards we went to the market at the Crescent Shopping centre. Caroline from the happy pig farm was there, so we bought some rashers. She is holding a Beekeeping course at her house on the 27th (re-scheduled from January 9th) which I would love to go to, if Lee can manage to be off duty.

An update on the Babycake: I had a scan last week with my new consultant (very hopeful about him). He estimates my due date to be in August. The 15th, Feast of the Assumption. So that means I was 12 weeks yesterday. It's great to have some idea of when Babs is due!

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