Thursday, 21 January 2010

Tootling about on my ownio...

Back to quilting yesterday for the first time since Christmas. A little reluctantly... but after five minutes I was hooked again and couldn't wait to get stuck in. I really value the couple of hours I have to myself while Mum takes care of the lads. I can run about doing errands afterwards too. (Literally run- something I can't do when I'm with Roo and Poonch, 'slow down Mummy,' Roo says when I'm walking with him. I love running/skipping about. It's funny the things you have to stop doing when you have children!)
Anyway, I was just thinking yesterday, how God really does answer your prayers sometimes, even if you haven't actually outright asked him. The day before was a really horrible day. I felt really down for no real reason, was getting much too frustrated with the boys over trivial things, Louis cut his mouth twice, Lee was anxious about a talk he was giving that evening and I hardly noticed him I was feeling so cross... lots of little things, one after the other.
And then yesterday, things just turned around. It was a lovely dry day, Mum was here to help, the lads were in good form, I zoomed around town on my own, then came home and we all took off for a walk down the lane. And I got to confession at last. With a lovely priest, Fr Brendan, in the Augustinians on O'Connell Street (that's the spot in the picture). I had wanted to (and not wanted to, if you know what I mean) go for a while, but I can't bring the lads in obviously! I know a good few Irish Augustinians, but I'd never met this guy before. He must have moved to Limerick after the last Chapter meeting. We had a little chat and he was telling me he was in Australia (every state by the sound of it) for 40 years. I think there's something about Augustinian priests. I just really like the vast majority of the ones that I've ever met.
Thank God for days like yesterday.

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