Friday, 22 January 2010

Inspiration for toddler meals

Rollercoaster has some of Annabel Karmel's recipes for fussy eaters on their website. They are appetising excerpts from a new book she has written which looks quite tempting. I'm reading her Superfoods book at the moment in an attempt to get Roo to eat more veg. Last night we had pasta in Hidden Vegetable sauce with Mascarpone. Very nice and... Roo even ate some of the sauce as it was smeared onto his pasta. That means he ingested onion, carrot and courgette, as they were cooked and then pureed into the sauce.
But perhaps more remarkably, he quite knowingly gobbled down COURGETTES, yes green vegetables (aka zucchinis) as he helped to make the muffins they were stuffed with. CBeebies I Can Cook is such a fantastic programme. You'll find more toddler-able recipes on the I Can Cook website.

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