Monday, 11 January 2010

A brrrrrry cold new year

Here's my first post of the new year. We had our now-traditional Christmas: both Grannies and Uncle Bee staying with us, turkey, gingerbread stuffing (which didn't appeal to me this year... hmmm) etc. Roo understood about Santa for really the first time, but because he'd met him at Montessori, he was answering 'is Santy coming?' with a wrinkled nose and 'Noooo!' (because in his head he'd already given him some goodies.) It meant for some shocked faces from shop assistants and the like though.
It has been veeerrrrrry cold here for quite a few weeks. Yesterday it even snowed. I mean proper fluffy, dry, powdery snow that stays in drifts instead of melting on contact with the ground or going brown and sludgy.
Roo and I were outside in it: he in his super duper cosy waterproof boiler suit, me collecting snow to melt for toilet flushing. Yes, the wonderful snow brought with it some less appealing aspects such as frozen water supplies and lack of showers or laundry washing. Now I know how my Mum felt when it used to snow when I was a child. She'd give out about the roads and stuff and I'd think, 'how could you not like the snow?' But even boring Mummy-me was taken aback at how beautiful everything looked in the snow. I walked down our ordinary little lane marvelling at how gorgeous it had become: the branches of every tree and bush swaddled in white.
We have become quite well acquainted with some of the local birds due to the cold spell. The two wagtails we knew already, but there is a pair of robins who, over the last couple of days, have got close to us, literally. One of them came into the utility room a few days ago, and another day he kept flying up to the window to let me know he was hungry. We don't get many birds near our house because there is very little cover/vegetation except around the perimeter, so it's nice to have some contact with them. I love seeing their little footprints around the place.
This year I would like (in no particular order)
1. the boys to get over their interminable colds/ coughs/ runny noses. I am fairly fed up with snot at this stage
2. to get out of this cold, poorly designed house. But that's dependent on no.3 happening.
3. someone to make an offer on our lovely house in Waterford
4. to have a healthy baby
and some other things too, I'm sure, but that's all I can think of just now.

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