Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Please pray for Roo today

Today, Roo and I are going to see a Speech and Language Therapist. His language was found to be a bit delayed when he was assessed in May, so we went on a course of Parent Information Sessions and now he's being re-assessed. Up until recently, I hadn't been worried about him, as he was clearly happy, sociable and not frustrated. But after the assessment and some of the questions the therapist asked, I looked up our old friend the internet and began to worry that he was showing signs of some disorder.
If you get a chance, please remember us in your prayers today.

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Anne said...

My prayers for sure! My son Jack didn't speak at all by the time he was two. At two and a half he could say ten words. He was diagnosed with developmental apraxia of speech. He's completely healthy and normal in every other way. Speech therapy has done wonders for him! He is now in fifth grade and still attends once a week.