Sunday, 2 August 2009

Noah's Ark gets a makeover

Babba Roo decided that Noah's Ark needed some colour, so he took some chalk to it. Initially he was just drawing in the sea around the base of the vessel, but he got swept away on a wave of creativity and continued with the little house that sits on the deck, even the inside of it. I'm just not sure how I can persuade him that drawing on the walls of our house is not such a good idea, after seeming to sanction this bit of DIY?
In Mass today, there was a scary bloke next to us who decided to give out to a group of teenagers chatting at the back. They did actually stop when he spoke to him, but it made me think. They weren't paying attention to Mass, but they weren't distracting other people as they were speaking very quietly. I couldn't help thinking, 'at least they were there'. After all, young children like ours can be noisy and disturb Mass, but they are rightly welcomed as part of the Church. (Although I was a bit worried yer man might give out whenever Lou made a little squeak.) I wondered if they'd come back next week after his outburst. Is it better to have them there in some capacity rather than not at all? I agree that they shouldn't have been talking, but it is quite rare to see people of their age in Mass and they could hardly have felt welcome after that. What do parents of teenagers do if their children refuse to go to Mass?

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Anne said...

I love this picture with the Thomas the Tank engine. Brings back so many happy memories of when my boys were little.

That's unfortunate about the teenagers. It is a hard age to motivate them to attend Mass. I have been very blessed in that regard and pray that my children will always have a close relationship with God.