Thursday, 18 June 2009

Sofa wars

We were in Kilkenny yesterday looking at second-hand stuff. The weather wasn't as promising as the day before. First we visited a salvage yard where we saw nice wrought iron gates and a circular seat that is designed to go round the trunk of a tree. It was very well-organised with everything laid out in easy to find piles- handy if you know what you're looking for. We just need a house and garden to put the things in! Then we headed into the city centre to find the Vintage Design Studio. It's in the Irishtown area, run by the extremely approachable and helpful Noel Green. He advised us on the best (cheapest) place to park and didn't seem to mind Roo clambering over the cool 20th century furniture including the egg chair in the window (pictured) which really took his fancy and looked like it was straight out of a Bond film. We were in search of a sofa and saw two with different merits. We went away to think about it and came back to find another couple looking at the same sofa which they'd seen online for considerably more than this one's asking price. Noel was quite shocked, not least because it had been sitting in his shop for a while and then suddenly had a few people interested in it.
We spent some time strolling around Kikenny's streets, stopping for lunch in Cafe Sol and coffee in Caffe 1 just down the street from the furniture shop.
It's become clear that Babba Roo has got very grown up in the last few weeks with great progress in his language and other areas. He can get quite cross if you try to get him to do something he doesn't agree with, such as eat one more mouthful or use a spoon instead of a fork (regardless of how big it might be). Poonch, meanwhile, is cutting his first tooth, although you'd never guess from his ever-cheerful exterior.

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