Friday, 12 June 2009

first playday and last workday

We got to the playgroup for the first time at last!! There were four other friendly mums there, with little boys of various ages. Just one little girl, a couple of months younger than Poonch, who also won't drink from a bottle. Her Mum and me compared notes, rare enough as it is to meet a fellow breastfeeding mama.
Poonch stayed awake for most of the hour and a half. He was very interested in watching the big boys play and smiled at the mums who commented on how 'placid' he is. Roo, meantime, had great fun messingwith PlayDoh, browsing unfamiliar books and hanging out with other little guys his age. It was another unforecast sunny, warm day and he kept trying to go outside to the very enticing playground.
Eventually his wish was granted and everyone went out for the final half hour. The little girl's mum has a boy a few months older than Roo and by the end of the session, the two were sitting inside a little playhouse on opposite sides of a table. One of his favourite things was definitely this gorgeous little 'cosy coupe', which, like the cars in The Flintstones, is powered by your feet. Fortunately there were three more of them, as they were very popular with all the other boys too.
I think all three of us enjoyed it and we hope to go back soon. Roo actually asked for 'bed' on the way home and is due up any minute.
Today is a special day, because it is Lee's last day at work for two whole weeks. I can't really remember the last time he had that long off in one go, but I think it was on our sadly truncated rail trip across Europe. I hope he has a lovely relaxing time and doesn't worry about work.

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