Monday, 8 June 2009

I wish I could sew...

Just sitting here next to Poonch, waiting for him to nod off and squeezing in a row of knitting. I love knitting but the trouble is, it takes me SO long to get anywhere with it. This is a cardi for a little baby who's just a couple of weeks old but I'm so slow, she mightn't have it before she fits its 6-9 months' size.
On the other hand, I'm telling myself that being able to use my sewing machine would mean I could make things much quicker. So I'm on the lookout for classes. So far no success, so I will probably have to wait til the evening classes start in September. I suppose it's more realistic than wishing I could fly...
Well my littlest man is asleep now, so I'll stop rambling and finish that row.


Praze Danz said...

Hi There,

I'm new to Twitter and happened to come across your blog.LOL. You wish you could sew...I can sew. I am a designer and sew all day long. (smile) Yes, you could have something made much quicker than knitting, however, knitting is so loving and creates so much patience. Patience, my dear is a virtue that many do not possess.

Don't be weary in your well doing - keep knitting.

By the way, your blog has a pleasant spirit about it. God Bless You. May your life be prosperous in all things!

Monica - Praze Danz

kee said...

Hello Monica,
Thank you very much for your lovely comment. It has made me look at knitting in a new light.
Best of luck to you with your new blog. You should put some pictures of your designs on it! That would be very interesting.
Meanwhile I will take your kind advice and keep knitting!
God bless you,