Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Book binge!

I've been meaning to post for a while now about something lovely that happened last week. We had been asked to get two books for a client of Lee's as the author was signing them in town that day. A few days later, I gave them to the man who wanted them: one of them was for him as he had given his original copy to someone else to read. He had mentioned the book to Lee a couple of times and had asked me if I had read it. I have a lot of faith in my angels, but to be completely honest the book didn't really appeal to me.
I was curious though, as this man, an elderly bachelor farmer and traditional Catholic was so evangelical about it, but as money is short and we'd only just made a monster Christmas order with Amazon, I had a vague plan to get it in the library at some stage.
Later that same day, Wee and I were surprised to see the little man's car pull into our driveway (he usually parks across the road to check on his sheep). I was on the phone to Lee at the time and we both thought, 'he's probably going to give me the book!'. Sure enough, there it was, wrapped in Christmas paper with a card inside. Roo opened it: 'Boor' he said. So the angels made sure I got the book anyway.
A very sweet present from a gentle little man. I'm going to give him a hat for Christmas. He needs it, and a scarf too. But I wouldn't have them both made in time. Now I have finished the angels book, which I found so comforting and uplifting, I am going to send one to my kindred spirit on the other side of the world. The house has a couple of boxes full of fabulous books, courtesy of Amazon (and pretty steep delivery charges, but I s'pose it still works out much cheaper than buying from a real book shop). Most of them are Christmas presies for other people, but these ones aren't. This one (above) is for my little tummy angel, to help us work together to gently ease him/her into the world.And this cheekily titled one is for my inner domestic angel, to help me learn crochet. I could stay in bed all day reading them. Except I can't, obviously.

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