Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Year's Eve

Still in hospital. All my results are back and seem to confirm what we'd originally thought. It looks like our baby will be born in the next day or two as they are keen to induce me. Here's a picture of what seem to be my constant companions here. They keep the foetal monitor in place on my tummy while it records the baby's heart rate. It is an extremely annoying machine cos according to what it does, the baby is either too sleepy (not enough activity) or too active (causing lack of contact and a blank trace). Until you get a satisfactory trace, you could be stuck to the machine for hours. I have one done twice a day. So far they show a happy active baby, which is the important thing.

This photo was taken during a walk along the Shannon with Lee. I had absconded from hospital again. I thought it was funny as it seems as though the swans are joining in the January sales fever, although like a lot of people at the moment, they don't seem to have bought much.

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