Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Please someone buy our house!!

I've just spent ages washing-up, not usually my favourite pastime, but it made me really sad today. I could hear Babba Roo getting up to his monkey antics behind me and every so often I'd turn around to see him standing on the sofa, trying to examine the insides of the vacuum cleaner or studying CD cases as if he was browsing in a record shop. The layout of the kitchen means I can't see what he's doing a lot of the time and he's so mobile now, nowhere is out of his range.
Then I thought about our lovely kitchen in Ballymacarbry that we'd designed so that I would have been able to work away and see Wee playing in the kitchen, living room and garden. And I thought what a waste of a lovely house. And here we are stuck in this place with a building site for a garden. Unfortunately, we can't live in the house in Ballymac. But someone should be. I'm saying two novenas at the moment: one to the Sacred Heart, the other to St Thérèse. We can't move on until the house is sold, so we really need their help.

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