Saturday, 10 May 2008

Golden apples and chatty birds

A little update: the tomato plants (Golden Peacevine from Irish Seedsavers) are growing well in the ‘greenhouse’ aka Mum’s room, the sunniest in the house. Jamie Oliver says in Jamie at Home that the original tomatoes, which arrived in Europe from South America in the 16th Century, were yellow (like these ones will be), hence their name in Italian, ‘golden apples’. Also, they were considered poisonous and used only as decorative plants until famine forced people to try eating them. I have a grow bag for them but will keep them inside for a while so they can make the most of the warmth.

The sunflowers have really shot up. They’ve grown about 4inches/10cm in just 4 days!!

While in the Milk Market this dull morning, we bought three strawberry plants from Stephen the unofficial organic veg bloke. He says he’s not sure what variety they are. He planted Elsanta a few years ago, but these ones could be anything.... Can't wait to taste them. Just think- our very own strawberries!

While on our walk this evening, Wee and me saw two little birds talking to each other on a telegraph line. Looking up my bird guide, I think they must have been a pair of chats: I can't decide between Stonechat or Whinchat. You can listen to their calls here . Apparently what we heard was their alarm call.

On another note, I finally sent that email to Innocent about my objection to them funding Womankind and my decision not to buy their smoothies again.

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