Wednesday, 7 May 2008

New Life!

After several days of waiting and occasional peeking, most of our seeds have sprouted! Even though they were planted over several days, they all seem to have decided to emerge at the same time.
I noticed the Sweet peas first (above), but nearly missed them because I had only been checking the ones I’d soaked first. Yesterday I looked at the untreated ones and was taken aback to see the little shepherd’s crooks had appeared. So the result of my experiment is that soaking for 24 hours doesn’t accelerate germination. Maybe a longer soaking would have worked. In any case they only took 7days.
Yesterday I noticed the Sunflowers (left). They'd been in the airing cupboard.
And this morning I was thrilled to see the Baby Blue Eyes (below).

Still waiting for the Basil and Coriander, which have been moved from the utility into Mum’s room under newspaper.

I really must get a move on and plant the Courgette and Lettuce seeds I got from Irish Seedsavers. And the potatoes are overdue a planting now too.

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