Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Bye bye Jesse tree

Time to take down our last vestiges of Christmas- the Jesse tree and its teeny ornaments. Roo and I learnt more about the Old Testament last Advent as we made little bits to hang on it. An apple for Adam and Eve, a rainbow for Noah, a star for Abraham, Jacob's ladder. I had planned more, such as Joseph's colourful coat but Roo's younger brothers aren't really conducive to homeschooling so we didn't get as much done as i'd hoped. But it's definitely something I'll do again. Another 'tradition' we began was filling baby Jesus' bed with hay with each kind act during Advent. Then on Christmas Day, one of Roo's spacemen appeared, wrapped in swaddling clothes, playing the part of an leanbh Iosa sleeping on the hay.

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Miss Ellen E. said...

Lovely idea. These things are so precious and will remain in your children's memories for ever. It's amazing what we can teach quite a young child. Sometimes I think people, even parents, underestimate what children can understand.
I still remember the battered old paper Advent calendar we used as a child with the doors 'repaired' with selotape after much repeated opening and closing! Each contained a relevant text from scripture, I remember.