Friday, 6 August 2010

Babycake Update and thank you

Just a little update on what we've been up to lately. The short answer is, 'not much', and it's wonderful. I have been able to stay out of hospital so far, although my GP and obstetrician keep talking about 'taking me in early' even though I have no symptoms of the Obstetric Cholestasis that I was supposed to have had when I was pregnant with Poonch. So far all blood results have come back normal and I'm not itchy, so they really should leave us alone!

When not sitting like a condemned prisoner in some doctor's waiting room, I have been taking it fairly easy and enjoying life with Lee and the two lads. This includes several trips to the fabulous new Milk Market in Limerick city, (including a solo trip to the first monthly craft market, which almost made waiting 4 hours for last week's Dr Nicey appointment worthwhile), lying in the grass absorbing Vitamin D while being climbed on by Poonch and Roo, playing 'runny tubby', making aeroplane noises, baking fairy cakes for Mum's birthday and just because, mixing up 'mah-tee latte' as in the picture, (that's tomato food, in case you're wondering) and trying to complete the blanket I rashly started knitting for the baby a few weeks ago.

The Babycake is due on the 15th, the Feast of the Assumption, and still remains nameless. I promised St Raphael I would name the baby after him if he kept me well, so we have a middle name. I love the name, but couldn't imagine calling him it at toddler group in front of the other mums.

I would like to thank you for your prayers. It is lovely to think there are people I've never met wishing me well, thanks to the blogosphere. So a big 'tah-tee', as Poonch would say, to you all and God bless you.


Miss Ellen E. said...

Very pleased to hear you've managed to stay out of the hospital so far this time around.

I hope all goes well and I look forward to hearing about the new arrival very soon and then I can change my prayers to thankgiving for a safe delivery! :-)

kee said...

Thank you Ellen for your prayers and your sweet comment. I really feel there has been much Divine intervention over the last few weeks and appreciate very much your praying for me.