Sunday, 4 July 2010

An awareness of angels

Just a quick one before I forget. This morning in Mass, Roo was quietly reading his Busytown book while his brother kept up his non-stop babble throughout. At one point, after all our entreaties had failed, I thought about asking his guardian angel to help. On the way to Mass, Roo had told me that he had asked his guardian angel what Poonch's one was called and he said it was Toto. Just as I was thinking my thought, Poonch said, 'Toto' and quietened down. It only lasted for a short while, but how amazing is that?


Anne said...

So amazing! I have a friend with a six month old daughter, and ever since the baby was born, my friend notices that the baby stares up at a certain spot above the window and laughs and coos. She's certain that the baby is visiting with her angel!

kee said...

Hi Anne! Thanks for visiting. My little lads did that too and I like to believe they are being entertained by their angels as well.

Miss Ellen E. said...

What a lovely story!

I've only just noticed your baby countdown on your sidebar - a bit late to congratulate you now on your prospective new family member!

I hope you've had a good pregnancy and you're 'blooming'. I have a feeling that you're the sort of Mum who thrives on being pregnant and is a picture of health at all times. I do hope I'm right! Take care and God Bless!