Thursday, 5 November 2009

words of comfort

Sometimes I read things and one word can make me catch my breath and I have to re-read it a few times to make sure I've read it right. Last night that word was 'snuggle'.
I'll explain. Mum gave me a copy of St Faustina's diary for my birthday and I dipped into it before I went to bed. I asked for a comforting passage and here's what opened up: Faustina is recounting something Our Lord said to her,
'Tell aching mankind to snuggle close to My merciful Heart, and I will fill it with peace.'
How wonderful is that?
Now, this is book is translated from Polish and I can't help but wonder what's the Polish word for 'snuggle'?


Maria said...

oh! i love that! and i love that the word wasn't changed to something more formal-sounding in the translation. how wonderful!

Anne said...

That is wonderful! It is so motherly and comforting! I love to snuggle!