Monday, 30 November 2009

St Andrew's party

Have just been speaking to Mum. Their front garden was the scene this morning of multiple crashes due to black ice, which resulted in their front wall being destroyed, but miraculously no-one being hurt.
She told me that today is the start of St Andrew's Novena, which continues until Christmas. Throughout each day between now and then, you say the above prayer for your intentions. Fifteen times a day. I think it's a beautiful prayer in itself. Thanks to Two Hearts Design for their version of the text.
Incidentally, Mum's prayer to St Anthony was prayed fervently and successfully on Thursday night while in the Big Smoke, when Lee's phone went missing. We stayed nearer town this time in the hotel that actively attracts culchies like us. So I suppose it was inevitable that me walking in with my wellies on met with complete indifference. It was slightly disappointing, except it meant I won the bet with Lee! Other notable events while we were there included my brother's book launch (congratulations Bee!), meeting friends I've never met or relatives I haven't seen in too long a time, Roo's first trip on a Luas or any train for that matter, three generations watching the Christmas lights in 'piercing cold', two lovely meals (in lieu of a 'party' for Bee), coffee and pancakes in Lemon, Mum's first Late Late Toy Show since my sister died 25 years ago, self-indulgent trips round ribbon and knitting shops (well I did win the bet after all) and a visit to my lovely Therese in the oasis that is St Teresa's Church off Grafton St.


Anne said...

What an endearing post! What is a culchie and a wellie?

I love St. Andrew's Novena! I've been praying it my whole life and never knew what it was called. Any idea why we pray it 15 times?

kee said...

Hi Anne! Sorry about the unfamiliar words. We Culchies are very attached to our wellies! A culchie is anyone who is from 'down the country' or outside Dublin basically. And welly is short for wellington boot, worn a lot by us damp country dwellers to keep our feet dry.
I can't discover why St Andrew's Novena is recited 15 times. Anyone else know?