Thursday, 1 October 2009

St Therese's Feast Day

Happy Feast Day my friend! And she really is a friend.
The thing is, I'm not alone in that thought. While reading the account of the visit of her relics to Ireland in 2001, (St Therese in Ireland) it struck me that people kept referring to her as a friend or part of their family. She must be such a busy little saint, speaking to and helping all those people on God's behalf!
It also occurred to me that her visit came during the Foot and Mouth crisis, when many of our friends headed to the U.K. for lucrative work. Me and Lee stayed here, missing out on well-paid work, but of course we had the opportunity to visit St Therese's relics while they were here. I think we got a better deal!


Maria said...

I bet she is busy! Wasn't she the one who said she'd spend her time in heaven on earth helping souls? She's probably got tons of friends here!

Mary333 said...

I love St. Therese. Her "little way" inspires me. I even wrote a poem-prayer about our Little Flower. I consider her a friend and a great saint :)