Sunday, 19 July 2009

Jesus, the Little Prince and the fox?

Today at Mass, Fr Noonan read an extract from one of my favourite books, The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, at the start of his sermon. It was the bit where the Little Prince meets the fox, who explains to him about 'taming' him and the two becoming friends. At first, the Little Prince says he is too busy, but the fox convinces him that it is worth being patient and taking the time needed to tame him so they can be friends. The priest was making a parallel between the excerpt and today's Gospel, where Jesus encourages the Apostles to retreat to a quiet place and rest after they have been out preaching the Good News. Fr Noonan said that we try to cram so many activities into our lives and those of our children that we have no time to reflect on things. 'No time to stop and stare', I suppose.

The mad, co-incidental thing is, I photo-copied that Little Prince extract for one of my English lessons in the school next-door to the church, when I was doing my teaching practice there nearly two years ago.

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Anne said...

Don't you just love those coincidences? Someone I know calls them God-incidences because he intervenes in all things and when we recognize it it is a God-incidence!