Friday, 26 September 2008

The weather has been lovely here for the last six days. We've been enjoying very welcome sunshine with a cold snap in the air (which i love) that has gradually decreased as the days have gone on. Partly because the weather had been so awful, I'd kind of given up on the garden. Lettuce, courgettes and tomatoes had all been a bit disastrous... but our potatoes and carrots have been brilliant! We started harvesting the spuds after an attack of blight about 6 weeks ago and they are delicious. They are floury and work well boiled, roasted or as chips. I can't remember what variety they are- must check it up.

Babba-roo has been capitalising on the weather by spending most of the day outside with his 'little red tractor', which he inherited from his cousins and adores. There is a little trailer on the back that he likes to put dirt, flowerpots and stones into. Just now we were picking some carrots for Granny's tea later on. We delivered them by tractor to the back door and I had to be very careful about taking them out as he's a bit possessive of things that go into the trailer. Well he's really got into farmer-mode because I just spotted him with another carrot in the trailer of his digga which he must have pulled up himself!

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