Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Roo and I went swimming today. We joined the gym just before his 2nd birthday, so now we can go to the pool whenever we like, during off peak hours. Today was the first time he didn't get nervous and cry before we went in. Probably because we were there last week and he enjoyed it. They have a lovely children's pool that he can walk about in and he loves playing with the floats and toy animals. It's nice and warm there too, so that helps. At the moment our aim is to get him to enjoy the water, rather than try to teach him things. He still resolutely refuses to get his hair wet, but we made progress today when we moved out to the adult's part of the pool. There are lots of graduated steps which he likes to walk on and in one section there's a jacuzzi-type thing (middle right in the picture) that has a really useful seat/step which he can stand on and then I briefly lift him into the deeper water.
It was such a horrible day outside, but the pool offered a lovely respite from the wind and rain. (Yes, it's back again!)
Today is the anniversary of St Therese's death. Her feast day is tomorrow.

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