Saturday, 22 September 2012

New additions

It has been too long since I have posted anything, but we have been very busy, with many changes and a couple of uncertainties around here.  Roo and Poonch started back at school and playschool respectively, so the morning rush has returned.  Not so welcome.

But the day before they went back, we had a new arrival.  (Not the one that I have been incubating in my tummy, still about 8 or 9 weeks before we meet him/her face to face, please God.)  No, we have taken on an au pair to help when the baby is here.   There have been a couple of teething problems, but overall, the change has been a positive one.  I was apprehensive about having someone in the house all the time, but it certainly frees me up and the house has become more relaxed in a lot of ways as I can spend more time with the lads instead of seeming to spend all my time on chores.  She is a quiet presence in our midst and our main worry is that there is not much to interest her in the immediate vicinity of our barmy lickle house.  But she claims not to mind.  

Despite the help, I seem to be busier than ever, with something (apart from school) bringing me and the lads out of the house nearly every day.  Thank God, I still have a good amount of energy for the majority of the day, although I am fairly pooped come 8.30/9pm and doze off whenever I sit still during the day.

We have had a couple of birthdays in the past month and that has brought yet more new additions to the house, such as the fire-breathing dragon in the picture above, made and photographed by Roo, courtesy of a Mega-present for the little Toot from Poonch's bessie mate and her Mum.  They are great present-pickers as well as lovely friends.

As for uncertainties, it looks like we are finally in a position to buy our own house here, but I feel very unsure about the whole process, more so than about more momentous decisions we have made together.  It feels as though we are rushing into it in spite of having to wait nearly 7 years to do it!  I suppose, now that we have three little bookles in our lives, there is more at stake.  This is after all, the only house they have ever/ remember living in and there are so many wonderful memories bound up here, that with all its faults, it will be difficult to leave.



Idle Rambler said...

Lovely to hear how you're all getting on. The Au Pair sounds like a brilliant idea though I can understand your reservations about having another person living with you all the time.

She sounds like she'll fit in beautifully.

Good luck with the new home, and the last weeks of pregnancy. New home, new baby, eh? :-)

PS Thanks for your comment on my blog. I think I've made the right decision BTW. No regrets so far.

kee said...

Thank you Idle Rambler. Not sure how the house situation will pan out. I have been praying that we will make the right decision. In some ways it seems crazy moving at such a time, but if not now, then we are likely to have to stay put here indefinitely.